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Recently, I was trying to run ‘Windows Updates’ on a relatively-new HP Z400 Workstation with a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit operating system. Each time I would attempt to run Windows Updates, I would get an error message stating the “Windows Update Service is not started.”  I would stop/start the already running service – same problem. Weird, frustrating, waste of time.

After hours of searching for the fix, and being led down the ‘Is it malware?‘ road, and then down the ‘You’re going to need to run an in-place upgrade of the Windows 7 Operating System to restore all of your system files’ road, I finally discovered a support forum post which correctly identified the problem and provided the solution.

The underlying cause of the problem was actually with the version of the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. This is the software that allows Windows 7 to use the on-board RAID controller (hard drives) on the HP Z400 Workstation’s motherboard.

Here is the link to the updated driver and solution to this problem:  “Error Messages Appear During Windows Update.”  Download it, run it, reboot the computer. Windows Updates and all other installations work properly after this driver is applied.

3+ hours of my life I’ll never get back! This is one of the many reasons why at SiteVentures we try to avoid deploying new pc’s whenever possible, and why we love the Cloud.