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Recently, I came across an invaluable piece of information I’d like to share regarding the use of Remote Desktop Services on a Windows 2008 R2 host:

We were experiencing frequent Remote Desktop Services session ‘lockups’ using all types of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client software and hardware end-points. The sessions weren’t timing-out, dropping, or disconnecting – they were just freezing up, more often after minimizing the RDP session for a short interval. I checked everything – all the server and client-side settings were 100% correct, there was no obvious reason for this problem.

I found a few references to a Registry setting that can be applied to the Remote Desktop Services host locally via gpedit.msc, or through a Group Policy:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)\Remote Desktop Services Session Host(Terminal Server)\Connections\Configure keep-alive connection interval: Enabled and value specified

I have been using a value of 1-minute and it seems to have mitigated this problem substantially. Now, if I minimize an RDP session for an extended period of time, for example 45 minutes, I can restore it and begin working in the session right away.