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The leader of the PC revolution is buying the leader in thin-client computing. Dell announced it’s intentions to acquire Wyse Technology, a manufacturer of thin-client computing devices and software that allows end users to connect to IT services in the cloud. When paired with the use of cloud services, these thin-client devices replace the traditional PC in the workplace – and cost far less to operate in the long run. This announcement serves as further indication that businesses of all sizes should be considering a strategy that utilizes cloud-infrastructure.

At SiteVentures, we’ve been migrating our customers to Virtual Private Cloud solutions built on the Amazon Cloud (, and outfitting end-users with Wyse devices for the desktop or mobile user. The overall experience has been excellent, both from our perspective as the service provider and from our clients’ position. We love NOT having to respond to costly end-user PC-related problems like hard drive failures or computer viruses, and our clients enjoy the 80% total-cost-of-ownership reduction at the desktop.

In addition to the resiliency and on-demand scalability of the Amazon Cloud, we have built our service offering with our strong partnership with Microsoft to provide Hosted Exchange email services, the full Microsoft Office business productivity suite, and a familiar Microsoft Windows end-user Remote Desktop experience.

For the various reasons explained in the articles linked below, this is a great move for both of these industry leaders. It’s also well-received by those of us that implement and own these devices, as the product development and customer support of these systems will surely benefit from the Dell powerhouse.

Dell’s Announcement

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